Click play. This is the recording that was performed back in 1997 called‘BLUE STAR’.
It's the test recoding that I needed to prepare in advance of 1 to 2 years for the production of our CD because we never recorded before.
However the time flies and I am now 50year old.
A friend of mine said‘Let's have a theme for the rest of our lives’. Cool word I thought.
I never wanted my age to stop me for doing anything in life.
Already 50years old? I'm still 50 years old.
Go for production of our CD! And let us shine!
This is my way of a greeting to you. Enjoy my blog.

A while back, I believe it was a business paper or a magazine, there was an article called “Boss's Words.”
Back then, I was a businessman for IT division work, but since the workplace was at a University hospital, it was much different from an ordinary company. My boss then used to say, “People do not die so easily.” At the time,I remember thinking “No,you mean the opposite!” “You were very happy…it's very disappointing” would be the usual conversation. I was against the thought, but I could not say anything as he was my boss. Actually at the orientation meeting for the newcomers, the same boss said “You are all recruited as a back office worker, but this is a hospital. Most people working here deal with ill people.” “Our workplace is where we help people's lives so...” Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, clinical technologists, and everyone who work here with ill people may have dealt with their work with the same thoughts as my Boss's. I believe “People do not die so easily,” is a wishful phrase from an employee,s point of view at hospitals.
As I am writing this article, it makes me realize how splendid my boss was for taking pride in his job. Unfortunately, I could not reach his position before he passed away, but I feel fortunate for being able to work at that workplace.

Every August reminds me the tragedy of the Pacific war. I think it was last year when I watched the game show that featured a man who was a prisoner of war once lived peacefully in Australia the number of prisoner of war increased so as Australian solders. His attempt to escape the pow camp but failed resulting hundred of victims.
Back then Japanese soldiers were taught as shameful to become a prisoner of war, most of people never mentioned their real name thus they buried in Australia as unidentified.
In the game show, there was a question about the intension in which Australian government had to plant the cherry blossom trees in the area where Japanese soldiers were buried.
And answer to that question was to make that piece of land as the‘Japanese territory’out of respect for those who couldn't return to Japan.
The piece of land is located in 240km away from Sydney in the town called‘Cowra’.
I am sure those soldiers wanted to go home desperately as opposed to me dreaming about long-stay in Australia.
I was disappointed not to be able to capture the so called the top 3 of the world beautiful port while I was staying in Sydney.

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